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Consultations of MD., Professors

consultationsAfter preliminary examinations and consultation of ophthalmologist or after the course of eye treatment in the clinic “OkoMed”, our patients have an opportunity to be consulted extra by a doctor of medical science(MD), professor with huge experiences in ophthalmology and eye micro surgery. An independent opinion of our professional ophthalmologists - professors, MD’s, PhD’s, eye surgeons skilled in complicated eye surgeries, who are for many years both collected, compiled and studied the information about various eye diseases being scientists in this field will definitely help you to recover or to save eyesight.

Indirect consultations

Any patient, who feels problems with eyesight, could send a medical report about the condition of his/her  vision to the clinic. The leading specialists of our clinic consider it as soon as possible, evaluate the eye condition and provide a patient with an independent advice or “Second Opinion” regarding this particular case. Definitely it could significantly help any patient to make the right decision about the necessity and expediency of eye treatment.

Requirements to such medical report are as follows:

• A report must be issued not earlier than 6 months before the date of mail;
• The patient’s full name;
• Age;
• Visual acuity (corrected and uncorrected);
• Intraocular pressure (IOP);
• Eyes condition;
• Preliminary diagnosis;
• The case history;
• It could be in Russian or English preferably;

In some cases, we could ask the patient to make and to send us extra, more medical data necessary to develop solution and to give recommendations.

We will be glad to receive your medical records in English or Russian languages, but if it is available even in a different language only, we will do our best to help you too, although it may take some more time to reply.



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