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Send medical report

Dear Patients,

On this page of our web site we would like to give you the opportunity to obtain independent advice or “Second Opinion” of the leading specialists of our clinic regarding particular your eyesight disorder. We invite everybody, who has problems with eyesight to send us a medical conclusion/medical report about the condition of vision.

You could send a medical report which is already available or which you could get from your local ophthalmologist at the place of residence. Indirect consultation of your case definitely will help you to make the right decision about the necessity and expediency of eye treatment. Independent opinion of our highly skilled professional ophthalmologists - professors, MD’s, PhD’s, eye surgeons with a huge experience in complicated eye surgeries who are for many years both collect, compile and study the information about various eye diseases being scientists in this field will definitely help you to recover or to save eyesight.

Requirements to such medical conclusion/report are standard and are well-known to eye specialists all over the world. The medical report has to be issued not earlier than 6 months before sending it to us for consideration and indirect consultation. It must include the following information:

  • name/surname of the patient;
  • age;
  • visual acuity with correction and without it;
  • intraocular pressure;
  • status occulorum;
  • preliminary diagnosis;
  • treatment or eye surgery conducted before.

In some cases, be ready that we could ask you to make and to send us extra, additional results of examinations and investigations necessary to develop solution and to give recommendations upon particular your eyesight case.

We will be glad to receive your medical reports in Russian or in English languages, but if it is available even in a different language only, we will do our best to help you too, although it may take more time to prepare a response and reply.

Anyway please complete all required fields below (name, surname and contact e-mail address),

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Create your message – like a cover letter in the main field and please DO NOT FORGET TO ATTACH the file containing your medical conclusion/report. Then click SEND.

Thank You for the attention to our activity!